No Tears

It was a happy and normal Sunday in May, I can’t remember the date precisely, nothing extra ordinary except that a new car was bought.

Unfortunately the day  didn’t end the way it started, because by evening there was an incomprehensible accident already. ” How on earth did that happen? “who was driving” “where did it happen”? “who was involved hope nobody died”? , “what about Big Daddy and Big Mummy”?. Big Daddy  was trying to park and didn’t notice big mummy  in front of the car and hit her twice and that was how it all started in May.

It’s been a crazy experience for family members, loved ones and all.  From the Hospital to the house,back to the hospital, to different nurses, prescriptions and everything,but we didn’t stop praying that she gets better, stronger and back on her feet.

I hadn’t visited in a while, was always occupied with one thing or the other but then my mind was always with her because I never stopped asking my mum about her welfare and all that.  Last week, I had a dream about her and daddy was accusing me of not visiting and I smiled and I think  I said I was going to visit.

She passed on on Wednesday. I don’t know if what I feel is shock, sadness, or what ever. But I know the reality hasn’t dawned on me yet.

I can’t remember how it feels to lose a loved one.

Rest on Big mummy. we Love you but God Loves you more.


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