Why do we hurt ourselves so much all in the name of the past,and fear of the unknown? why do we deny or lie about our feelings about people especially when it’s killing inside?

Yes tell me it isn’t every feeling you pursue or follow through with or whatever, but then sometimes silence isn’t always the best answer to a lot of feelings. what if the person is actually shy or afraid or something to talk,  you just saved the world by speaking up.

Why do we lie about our feelings, why do we make a mess of other people’s emotions because we are having stupid issues we cannot sort our by ourselves without dragging innocent people along in our stupidity,confusion and in-decisions

“we don’t pick who we fall in love with and it never happens like it should”- Unknown.

Why can’t we just grow up and be mature about stuff and stop pretending about our feelings before its too late .

The last time I checked that was two seconds ago, love isn’t suppose to hurt or cause you pain or depression, really? so what are we doing to and with ourselves these days?


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