The Blogger

It’s Saturday and I’m hanging out with a friend over at a park  (1st base of the hangout spot), then someone one sees me and in saying Hi, he refers to me as “the blogger” and i smiled just because I couldn’t start saying stories.

Then we go over to somewhere else for a rooftop concert where Megaloh was gonna be performing, and another friend goes ahead to introduce me t his friend as a blogger, a writer and a creative person and coincidentally, this person is a writer and I’m just laughing out loud for reality’s sake I’m not a blogger or anything of such. so when asked, I’m just like, its nothing really. it’s just some place where i share my thoughts about stuff like I’m doing right now.

We are left alone and talking about stuff and he goes on to say “I love meeting writers”, lol. Who doesn’t love to meet someone in their field? so i unintentionally let the cat out of the bag to say ” I’m a sports person” and that successfully helps me change the topic and after a while my friend came to steal me away and it was a kinda relief and I couldn’t stop saying thank you. Not like having the conversation was awkward but i just felt awkward because the normal me is a bit shy and I rarely just have such conversations with strangers and he still though I was a writer and wasn’t willing to tell him. *in my dreams*


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