Love they say is a beautiful thing.

So I’ve always wondered how something that was once beautiful became full of hate,sorrow and sadness.  Whilst typing this, the answer came to me as ” If a beautiful thing isn’t well taken care of or nurtured,it’d become ugly”. Another example is a lawn that’s supposed to be green,properly mowed, because therein lies its beauty  doesn’t get all it needs to look green (appropriate watering) and isn’t properly mowed might end up looking like a bush. 

That being established I read a story yesterday and this isn’t the first time I’m reading something like that. I think people fall in love everyday,some for the dumbest of reasons and others for best of reasons and same  with going into a relationship.

I think this post shouldn’t really be about relationships per say  but about the story I read. I have people in my life that we shared and exchanged gift,money, outing fees etc people who weren’t necessarily people I dated and even the ones I dated. Now I’m trying to imagine them asking me to return all we once shared because we are no longer together or I doing the same 😤😤😤… that’s just the height of immaturity!!!

Why on earth would you give someone a gift and because life happened and you’re not together again,you ask they return it and if they refuse, you call them out on social media??? How did  all the love that made you buy them those items vanish all of a sudden? So much that you now regret things ( like being with them, spending for them and all that?)

If truly you love that person you’re in a relationship with, no matter what happens (e.g a breakup) I don’t think demanding for things you bought each other whilst dating makes any sense, and if one party decides to be petty please the other party should save himself or herself and give return the gift (what I’d do).

Feel free to share your thoughts, I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Thanks


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