The Olympics is one sporting event that keeps me glued to my T.V amidst whatever I have going.

I don’t ever want to miss the opening ceremony for anything in this world. I remember Beijing 2008, I heard names of different countries I had never heard in my life, Islands and all. I was really surprised at wonderful and funny names like Solomon’s Island,Tonga e.t.c,and I even googled some names and found out how some were sparsely populated.

The smiles  on the faces on the faces of the people representing the countries, some in their traditional attire, some in suits, and all, thee colourful presentations by the host country, the journey of the Olympic Torch

In all honesty I have a book that has the names of all the counties that came for the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 *lol* but I missed the opening ceremony for this year *sad face* but I got to watch the Olympics (from the comfort of my home tho *lol) and it was fun, even when I was sick, watching the Olympic made me feel better.

I love Sports like Basketball,Football,Gymnastics,Weightlifting, All Track and field events  and it’s not because they are the only sports that my country participate in though (Well excluding gymnastics, we are too thick for that *lol*). But this Olympics I watched Archery, Diving and Equestrian and I loved it so I think I’m going to watch them come Tokyo 2020

My country successfully won a bronze Medal yesterday from the football and it was a great tug of war to even win that and the whole of TwitterNG and Nigeria celebrated like we won more than one Gold, I celebrated too and I was happy we actually got our name in the medal table. I thought our basketball team was actually going to win a medal because of the efforts they put into the games or even make history by qualifying for the quarter finals but no! they didn’t. Then on the track, the highest we came was 4*100m relay women finals and we were the last *sad face*, but amidst the very poor performance athletes in Rio, which could have been better if they had sponsorship and support from the government I still celebrate them and their efforts.

I’m hopeful that the next Olympics, I would go because I really want to have the feel of the Olympics. God willing



  1. Lovely!! And I mean it. Wishing your dreams to come true. I hope you take me along though… If not, tell Twitter to verify my account as yours… That’s what happens anyway.

    So check the first line on the third paragraph. I think the repetition is superfluous. Thanks!


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